Support Your Staff With
Professional Wine Training
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Arm your restaurant or hospitality team with the knowledge to sell more wine and increase revenue.

With Inadequate Staff Training, You Could Be Leaving Money on the Table

After decades in the hospitality industry, I’ve discovered there are two types of staff training opportunities. One type uses the free information from supplier partners which is time-consuming because of how many suppliers there are — so you tend to get average (or below average) sales results.

The other type of staff training is supported by management to actively pursue in-depth education and training. They acquire expert knowledge and exponentially increase wine sales and earn higher revenue.

The fact is, if you’re not supporting your staff with wine education and training, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Expertise That Improves Your Team’s Performance

Hi, I’m Sharon. I’m a culinary school graduate with over 30 years of experience in food, wine, and hospitality. I've spent my career developing innovative sales techniques and creating successful beverage programs for hotels, caterers, and fine-dining restaurants.

I’m known for my passionate and laid-back teaching style. This helps students of all levels understand my lessons and put them into practice. I’ve trained staff at international hotel chains and I've had my sessions included in national curriculums.

Glasses of wine and a plate of three lemon slices

Imagine Boosting Your Wine Sales by 25% — Or Higher

What would you do if your team started bringing in higher-than-usual revenue?

Would you put it back into your team’s salaries, update your venue, bolster your staffing?

It’s a very real scenario I see many of my clients consider.

I’ve helped restaurant and hospitality teams achieve a 25% increase in wine sales. And that’s just the starting number after one training session.

It’s not hard to see why.

After my sessions, staff become so much more confident, capable, and professional about the beverages they’re selling. Not to mention, excited!

They learn the value of their wine list and understand how to use it to enhance guest meals and strategically upsell.

Ultimately, that leads to higher check averages and more revenue for your business.

Get Results Right Away With Focused Wine Training

My wine education sessions are hyper-focused on the specific tools your team needs to sell your top-tier offerings.

That means these changes happen fast. Not after weeks and months of training.

If you were to support each of your staff with a wine certification program, it could cost $1,000-3,000 per person. Plus, it would take months of studying and exams before you see results.

Instead, a session with me is a one-time expense for a fraction of the cost, with immediate results.

And those results grow as staff become more confident about upselling your offerings.

Gaylord Hotels testimonial
Four Seasons testimonial

Praise From National Hospitality Teams

The impact of expert wine training speaks volumes.

I’ve seen national hospitality teams transform average sales into above-average results — often by 25% and higher.

“I can’t tell you how much of an impact you have made in my career! Hands down, I speak about you more than any other partner we work with. Not just because of your knowledge and support of our team, but your passion and compassion for what you do and who you are as a person has left an indelible mark.”
— Director of Catering and Events for Gaylord Hotels & Resorts

“I’ve never attended a wine class where the instructor could break down the basics of how wine is made, in terms I could relate to and remember. I felt confident leaving that room that I had the ability to speak to the characteristics of wine with our clients.”
— Trainee at Gaylord Hotels & Resorts

“Thank you so much for facilitating this wonderful training! We have heard such amazing feedback from all the participants. They really enjoyed learning a new way to approach pairings and are already looking at how they can take these learnings back to their outlet teams.”
— Food & Beverage Director for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Discover What Makes the Difference Between Average Sales — and Spectacular Upsells

There’s no question the world of wine and spirits can be overwhelming. New vintages, labels, and offerings can make it a challenge to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

But you can support your staff by giving them the expert training they need. You'll arm them with important skills that level up their confidence, capabilities, and sales revenue.


In my training sessions, your team will learn:

✔️Important takeaways about wine regions, varieties, producers, and more

✔️Unique selling points about your wine and spirits list

✔️Smart and helpful tactics for selling key wines in your program

✔️How to suggest the perfect wines for your food menu items

✔️Specific lessons most relevant for your type of business and customer


“I’ve been in hospitality for 25 years, Sharon’s interactive, hands-on approach to educating others is second to none.”
— Trainee for Gaylord Hotels & Resorts


Contact me to design an expert training session for your team.

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